Unconditional love is a passionate affection and absolute devotion that is directed at, caring for, and giving hope to the downtrodden and undeserving. It heals the broken-hearted and offers deliverance to captives.
 Divine goodness or God’s unconditional and unmerited favor expressed to all humanity. It is favor accorded to people who have done nothing productive to deserve it. It reaches out to every willing person, regardless.
 Compassion is the expression of divine tenderness to all humanity. Through its offer to humanity, we become aware of and experience the eternal faithfulness of God. To be affluent in compassion is to also extend it to all others.
 God’s forgiveness is the representation of His offer of unlimited pardon, leniency, reprieve, and indulgence to humanity. Forgiveness, viewed from God’s perspective, holds no grudges. Forgiveness is about ceasing to feel resentment against wrongdoers…Forgiveness breeds an unqualified acquittal and establishes absolution from all traces of guilt or accusation. Though forgiveness does not necessarily lead to personal forgetfulness of the source of violation, it leads on to let go off the feelings of revenge and/or retribution.

Above quotations are from book manuscript entitled: The Quadrangle of Hope:  Love, Grace, Compassion, and Forgiveness by Senyo Adjibolosoo.

Human Factor Leadership Academy

The Human Factor Leadership Academy is committed to producing honest and compassionate leaders who will one day bring monumental positive changes to the continent of Africa.

Review of Human Factor Studies

In the world today, everyone agrees with the concept and goals of development described in the quotation above. The failure to deal successfully with the ongoing human problems leads one to ask two critical questions.

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